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March 1, 2013

   Debbie Harry by Mark Weiss

BlondieChris Stein, Debbie HarryI first began shooting Blondie in 1978 at the Palladium in NYC. Debbie was every photographer's dream, especially a 19 year old kid from NJ just getting started in the biz. I always wanted to do a photo shoot with this super cool, punk rock princess. It finally happened in 2012 when I photographed the band for their latest CD. Until then, the closest thing I got was in 1981 at a club in NYC where Debbie and Chris were hanging out. I asked them for a snap as they were leaving. It was a five second encounter, but a moment caught in time. This is the moment artist David Banegas immortalized with his unique interpretation of my photo.

Debbie Harry by David BanegasThe proceeds from this original painting, signed by Debbie Harry, will benefit the John Varvatos Stuart House Foundation. Bidding closes March 21, 2013. Have a look at the live Auction 


The collaboration of photographer Mark Weiss and artist David Banegas began one year ago. Since then David has created 10 original paintings from Mark's iconic photographs. David creates a mixed media "mirror image" through his unique style and interpretation, with Mark's original photograph of the artist incorporated within each painting. After completion, the painting is endorsed by the artist through their signature in this collection. In June 2012, the two artists' collaboration brought them to a special event at the John Varvatos store in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Mark's classic 1981 photograph of Debbie Harry is part of the collection on display in the Varvatos stores, partnered through Rock Paper Photo, an online fine arts gallery.

 David Banegas and Mark Weiss  June 1, 2012.  Artist David Banegas and photographer Mark Weiss before the event at the John Varvatos Store in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas hosted by Rock Paper Photo.

David Banegas, Debbie Harry, Mark Weiss

David, Debbie and Mark at Banegas Fine Art Gallery, Red Bank, NJ

Debbie Harry and Mark Weiss

Debbie and Mark in Red Bank, NJ signing prints for charity. August 2012

"Judging from the kind of rock artists and bands that Mark is drawn to, you wouldn't automatically think of including Blondie.  What there is that makes sense is the ease that Mark has with bands and his "bedside manner" so to speak.  He just looks like the right guy behind the camera and has a way of putting everyone at ease and getting five or six people to all look good at the same moment is not easy.  He loves what he's doing, truly and it shows in the shots and coupled with his long association and enduring passion, he's just a great rock photographer.  What more could a girl like me ask for?" Debbie Harry / Blondie

Have a look at the live Auction John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit 

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