In the mid-90s, as classic rock was experiencing a resurgence, CMC Records was signing bands who had experienced major success, filled the arenas, and were looking to write new music, and fill those concert seats once again. Mark Weiss was hired as part of the creative team to bring his talent and visualization to CMC as photographer, art director, and music video director.

In 1997, the new Lynrd Skynrd band recorded a studio version of it’s classic Travelin’ Man, with now lead singer Jonny Van Zant singing a duet with his late brother Ronnie.  Mark Weiss directed the video for Travelin’ Man by using the video and vocals from Ronnie’s 1976 live show, patched perfectly in sync.  The video footage has been played during the band’s recent tours.  Mark also directed the “home video” concert performance, Lyve From Steel Town, as well as photographing its album cover.

Weiss photographed and art directed many album covers for CMC Records.