MARK WEISS was a 14-year-old kid from New Jersey when he made a deal with a neighbor to cut his lawn in exchange for a 35 mm camera. Thus began a lifelong journey of rock and roll mayhem that continues to this very day. While still in high school, Mark snuck his camera into concerts, paying off security guards to get him closer to the stage to shoot iconic bands such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Queen.  Mark developed the prints in his parent’s bathroom to sell the next morning out of his school locker, and then back in front of the venue that night. Things were looking pretty good until KISS came to NYC for a three day stint, and Mark was arrested outside of Madison Square Garden for selling his photos for a buck a piece.  After spending the night in jail, his peddling days were over.

Mark's first camera

A week later, fate intervened when Weiss walked into the offices of Circus magazine, the leading rock & roll publication at the time, his portfolio in hand.  “The timing was right,” Weiss recalls. The art director was off deadline and welcomed me into his office.  My first published work was a centerfold feature of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in October of 1978. A few months later he became a major contributor and then a staff photographer for Circus, shooting their covers and features, where he quickly developed relationships with the bands and their managers.