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axl_weiss_Split_Color BanegasWeiss_print_title

What happens when you have two visionary modern artistes merging their talents? Well, when you are talking about rock photographer Mark Weiss and painter/artiste David Banegas, you wind up with a breath-taking, larger-than-life image of Mark’s images morphing into David’s art. The four portrait paintings will be featured at a new music-themed Orlando restaurant, Rock & Brews - located at 6897 South Semoran Blvd. by the Orlando airport.

One of the paintings is based on an image Weiss photographed of Axl Rose during the rock historic Guns N Roses concert in 1987 at The Ritz in New York City. Add to the 10’ x 30’ mural, three more textured and stylized mirror image paintings from Weiss’ archives and you begin to envision the mural’s impact. The “wall of art” was commissioned by entrepreneur Scott Paul for his Rock & Brews in Orlando. The restaurant needed to artistically exemplify its “rock roots” and it had to be contemporary. The merged artwork of Mark Weiss and David Banegas were the answer.

The Rock & Brews’ Orlando grand opening to the public is planned for Monday, April 24th, the above-mentioned rock icon paintings are displayed on the Rock & Brew’s wall of distinction. There will be a silent auction where the proceeds will go to the Orange County Animal Services of Marks’ iconic classic rock photos as well as David’s embellished half/half giclee of Axl Rose, at a special community night celebration on April 22.

IMG_5140_FINAL copyWork in progress: photographer Mark Weiss, owner Scott Paul, and artist David Banegas at the new
Rock & Brews in Orlando.

“I met Scott in February 2017.  I was touring with KISS, taking photos for their tour-book.  As I walked into the hospitality room where Gene and Paul were discussing future openings of Rock & Brews, Scott walked over to me  and asked if I was ‘Mark Weiss – the photographer’. He told me about how he ripped my photos out of magazines and plastered them on his bedroom walls three decades ago. Scott proceeded to tell me that he had opened 3 Rock & Brews locations and was opening another in Orlando shortly. The restaurants are covered wall to wall with album cover art and photographs. He expressed his love for art and showed me photos of his Rock & Brews in Texas where a huge painting of Stevie Ray Vaughn was proudly displayed. I showed him the merged art I did with artist David Banegas. After a couple of weeks, the project came to life.” – Mark Weiss

Picasso once said, “(a painter) paints not what he sees, but what he feels”. Seeing the combined effort of two artistes such as Mark Weiss and David Banegas, equals one new focused vision – one feeling - locking in a moment in time, image and feel.  

BanegasWeiss Rock N Brews

Rock & Brews is not just a cool Orlando-based restaurant – it is a rock restaurant that pays homage to artists who rocked our world. You’ll feel it the minute you walk through the door. The founding partners in Rock & Brews are: rock icons Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS, restaurateur/hotelier Michael Zislis and concert industry/merchandising veterans Dave and Dell Furano. More about Rock & Brews -
More about the grand opening -  Check it out on Brave Words

Check Out Mark Weiss and David Banegas on Fox News



Banegas and Weiss;  Dee photo by weiss in 1984;  Dee signing painting for charity at the GALLERYBAR in NYC



David Banegas and Mark Weiss at John Varvatos event at Ceasers in Las Vegas;  Banegas painting of Debbie;  Mark Weiss photo from 1981


BAMBOOZLE 5/18/12 to 5/20/12

Project Bamboozle 2012 David Banegas adds his touch with his interpretation of Asbury Park's own famous Tilly.
Weiss and Banegas collaboration of THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM photographed by Weiss earlier that week, hanging by the Carousel during the event.
Banegas Paintings proudly displayed in the VIP tents backstage
Iconic Weiss photo of Jon Bon Jovi from the NEW JERSEY tour painted by David Banegas



Alice Cooper photo Weiss took in 1987; Mark Weiss, Alice Cooper, and David Banegas at Chiller Theatre in NJ; Banegas Painting of Alice



David paints from Weiss' 1979 photo of Randy Jones of the Village people at opening night at Boogie Nights.


LITA FORD 3/18/12

Weiss and Banegas collaborate again with a photo that he shot of Lita Ford in 1983.
Lita Ford photo taken by Weiss in 1983;  Lita Ford at the Banegas Gallery in Red Bank, NJ;  Photographer Mark Weiss, Lita Ford, and artist David Banegas


MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE 2/25/12 to 2/27/12



VAN HALEN 2/26/12

Photographer Mark Weiss and "partner in crime" artist David Banegas during listening party for Van Halen's on the Monsters of Rock Cruise
David Lee Roth photo and Eddie Van Halen photo taken in 1981 by Weiss

AXL ROSE 2/15/12

Axl Rose live at the Ritz photographed by Weiss at the Ritz 25 years ago; Axl signing David's painting; Banegas rendition of Weiss's photo
Rose and Weiss after the Ritz show

OZZY 1/22/12

OZZY by Mark Weiss 1982. This painting was the first collaboration of Artist David Banegas and Photographer Mark Weiss ("Banegas/Weiss") and it now hangs alongside Mark's OZZY gallery displayed at the Andaz, a/k/a "THE RIOT HOUSE."

ZAKK WYLDE 1/19/12

Zakk Wylde's bulls eye guitar, painted live on the red carpet during NAAM 2012 at Guitar World's Inaugural Rock 'n Roll Roast of Zakk Wylde.
The painting was signed by Zakk and will be auctioned for MusiCares.


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